Your Guide to a Safe and Fun Savannah Pub Crawl

Your Guide to a Safe and Fun Savannah Pub Crawl

Getting a party bus to take you and your friends on a pub crawl in Savannah, Georgia is the best way to have an awesome time. A pub crawl gives you unlimited access to all of the bars in one night! And when we say unlimited, we mean it. You can drink as much beer or hard liquor as you want without worrying about getting behind the wheel after your night out. It’s not just good for safety reasons either, a party bus will give you VIP treatment at each bar that includes free cover and special deals from vendors. The best part? You don’t need a designated driver because everyone gets home safely thanks to our professional drivers!

Plan You Route

The first step to a safe pub crawl is being prepared. If you are traveling with friends, have each person choose their top three bars before the night begins that they would like to visit during your party bus trip. Then plan out an itinerary for which order you will be visiting them in. Make sure everyone’s ideas and suggestions are taken into account and that you run the schedule by them to ensure they are happy with it. This way you can guarantee a fun night for everyone, as well!  Here are some tips on planning a pub crawl.


Don’t Forget To Arrive Early

While we cannot stress enough how important safety is on your pub crawl, arriving early at each bar will give you time to take advantage of any drink or food specials and meet other patrons who may be there before the crowds arrive. You never know; this might lead for some new friendships being made! When booking a party bus in Savannah GA through our website , make sure to let us know if there’s anything specific like this that you would like included during your trip so we can go over those details with you when speaking about pricing information. We want to make sure you have the best time possible!

Choose A Bus That Fits Everyone

When looking for party bus rentals in Savannah GA , make sure the one you are considering is large enough to fit everyone who will be attending your pub crawl. If there are any people left out of the equation, they may not have as much fun or feel included during your night on the town! This also means that if someone decides they would like to leave early, it’s not a problem because our buses can seat up to 14 patrons at once! Before booking with us , let us know how many people you expect to attend so we can find an appropriate vehicle for all of your needs.

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